Music Educators

Private teachers and school directors are vital to young musicians’ development in school and in programs like GTCYS. We value teachers and work together to advocate music education in the community.

We partner with music educators in the following ways:

Teacher Advisory Council

GTCYS’ new Teacher Advisory Council is a collaborative partnership among GTCYS, private teachers, and school directors. As leaders on the Council, music educators have the opportunity to shape how GTCYS supports teachers’ and students’ needs, while advising on education-related topics and influencing the organization’s role in the broader education community.

Special Thanks to Teacher Advisory Council Members

Bob Adney, Percussion Instructor, MacPhail Center for Music
Stella Anderson, Viola Instructor
Bob Anderson, Bass Instructor/Minnesota Orchestra
David Block, Violin Instructor
Maisie Block, Violin Instructor
Brianna Butler, Roseville Area Schools
Annette Caruthers, Viola/Violin Instructor
Emily Demorett, East Ridge High School
John England, Trombone Instructor
Geneva Fitzsimonds, South View Middle School
Dan Fretland, Jefferson High School
Nick Gaudette, St. Paul Conservatory of Performing Artists
Tami Gonzalez, Violin Instructor
Diane Hallberg, Minnehaha Academy
Laura Hebert, Violin Instructor
Liz Jackson, Eden Prairie High School
Aaron Janse, Violin/Viola Instructor/Minnesota Orchestra
Paul Kile, Edina High School
Brian Larson, Chippewa Middle School
Carolyn Liptak, Violin Instructor
Nancy Lokken, Violin Instructor
Kevin Martin, Armstrong High School
John Middleton, Capitol Hill Magnet School
Mike Moeller, Mahtomedi High School
Melissa Morey, Horn Instructor
Coreen Nordling, Bassoon Instructor
Matt Oyen, St. Paul Central High School
Kirsti Petraborg, Viola Instructor
Deb Pierce, Cello Instructor
Eric Sayre, South High School
Mike Scott, Henry Sibley High School
Diane Snodgrass, Ramsey Middle School
Melody Snyder, Valley View Middle School
Dragan Stojkovic, Violin/Viola Instructor
Carrie Vecchione, Oboe Instructor
Michael Watson, Coon Rapids High School
Karl Wiederwohl, Low Brass Instructor, MacPhail Center for Music
Reid Wixson, Southwest High School

Private Teacher Directory

We are grateful to the hundreds of private teachers who provide instruction to GTCYS students. As a thank you to the teachers who specifically refer individuals to GTCYS, we create an annual private teacher directory to recognize their work and increase visibility for their studios. The following instrument lists consist of more than 200 private teachers who wished to be included in the 2019-20 Private Teacher Directory after referring students to GTCYS. This directory is currently under construction and will be posted in September 2019.

Note: This listing does not represent GTCYS’ endorsement or recommendation of individual; nor is it a comprehensive list of all GTCYS teachers. Rather, it recognizes teachers who referred students to GTCYS and provided their studio information for this year’s public directory.

Please contact program assistant Katie Heilman with questions.

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