“GTCYS has changed my life. Not only has it prepared me for studying music in college but GTCYS has also given me a tremendous work ethic, a sense of leadership and community, and a passion for music and travel.” – GTCYS alumna

Why Give?

Why GiveAs a nonprofit organization, GTCYS relies on tax-deductible contributions from individuals and institutions to broaden access to orchestral music and make our community more vibrant. Your gift will help:

  • Transform more than 900 students through rigorous music education programs infused with team-building and leadership opportunities as well as first-rate artistic experiences.
  • Increase access to underserved students through $50,000 in need-based scholarship awards and our new Harmony program which is providing violin instruction to 20 third graders on the West Side of St. Paul.
  • Inspire new audiences through community concerts at diverse venues, an innovative Kids Playing for Kids series, and special projects that deepen community connections through partnerships with artists, schools, and organizations.

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Play Your Part – Contribute Today!Play Your Part

It’s easy and safe to contribute to GTCYS online – make a secure donation today!

To make a donation over the phone or discuss giving options, please contact Megen Balda at 651.602.6802 or

Impact of Your Gift

Every contribution helps us continue providing an affordable, high-quality music education while instilling students with valuable life skills. These graduates describe the inspiring impact of the GTCYS experience:

  • “GTCYS has not only prepared me musically for future auditions and orchestra opportunities, but it has established a foundation for how to work together, treat others, work hard, and always persevere. It has taught me that my musicianship goes beyond my instrument. It hits the hearts of those around me who I have the ability to influence.” Abha, Violin
  • “One of my favorite GTCYS memories was when Concert Orchestra played a holiday concert at Union Gospel mission in St. Paul. The room was full of people and I feel like our music brought a lot of happiness to the shelter that night”. – Jade, Cello
  • “GTCYS has taught me how to adapt to new situations and respond to unexpected twists. Whether it’s adding dynamics to our music or boarding a plane headed to Germany to get to Spain, I’ve been able to adjust accordingly. Being flexible is a vital skill to have in the future, and GTCYS has helped prepare me for that.” – Morgan, Trumpet

We hope you’ll make an online donation today and join GTCYS in serving students and the community! Your contribution will help other students like Abha, Jade, and Morgan develop lifelong skills through music. Thank you!

Philanthropic Partners

In addition to support from individuals, we are grateful for the generous support of institutions who award grants and sponsor our concerts.



Local and national organizations gain valuable visibility by placing an advertisement in GTCYS’ professionally printed programs.


Legacy Giving

Planned gifts determine how you would like to leave your legacy with GTCYS in support of young student musicians.


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