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In October 2016, GTCYS launched a new El Sistema-inspired music program in partnership with Riverview Elementary School on the West Side of St. Paul. The program, Harmony, started with 18 students in 3rd grade. This year GTCYS will provide group violin instruction for third and fourth graders after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Led by seasoned violin instructors and GTCYS conductors Barb Flooding and Mary Sorlie, the program provides instruments, group lessons, performance opportunities on the West Side and at GTCYS concerts, mentoring by GTCYS students, and transportation home after each session. With the help of generous funders and the community, this program is highly accessible with a suggested $20 participant fee for the year.

Now in its second year, Harmony has expanded to 2 grades and 3 days a week, with a semi-private lesson component. This year we are expecting to have 7 Teaching Artists and over 40 students involved! Harmony will have older student mentors all 3 days of program, giving GTCYS youth the chance to mentor, lead activities, and be a shining example of what’s possible if they stick with music. If you are a GTCYS student in 8th grade or above and would like to be a mentor, please contact gracie@gtcys.org.





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